FluidDB Launches!

August 17th, 2009 by Terry Jones. Filed under Happiness.

Image: Mark von Minden

Image: Mark von Minden

We’re very happy to announce that FluidDB is launching into a private alpha phase today.

We’ll use this blog for a series of posts describing the ways in which FluidDB is different, what it changes, how it can be used, what it’s good for, ideas for and examples of applications, programming with FluidDB, and much more. In the meantime, there are some links below to get you going.

If you followed @FluidDB on Twitter to reserve a username, that has been created for you. We’ll send you a direct message on Twitter when your account is also enabled for API access. We wont be creating accounts for Twitter followers any longer, because you can now reserve a username directly.

Mailing lists

  • FluidDB Discuss is a mailing list for all sorts of discussion about FluidDB.
  • FluidDB Users is a mailing list for programmers who are using the FluidDB API to write applications.


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  • Mayson Lancaster

    Congratulations! The fun begins (for the rest of us).