Cloud storage: the real opportunity

August 24th, 2009 by Terry Jones. Filed under Uncategorized.

What’s the real opportunity in online cloud storage?

It’s not that it might be cheaper, or easier, more scalable, or more backed up. It’s not building data silos in the clouds.

The real opportunity, the place where there’s the potential to realize value that’s never before been unlocked, is in using cloud storage to share data. And the best way to share data is to put it together. Because if you put it together, you can do useful things—for example, search across it.

Google and Wikipedia both showed us the value of putting disparate but related data in the same place. Can the same thing be done, at least in part, for databases? Fluidinfo is betting the answer is yes. See my last post for more detail.

That’s the opportunity cloud storage offers. That’s what’s new and valuable. Not just doing more of the same old same old, except in the clouds.

  • As a database developer, you’re getting me genuinely excited about this. It is new, revolutionary, and could be a paradigm-changer.

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  • Agreed but an important consideration to me is that it doesn’t all live at

  • Hi Paul

    I agree, and was saying the same thing the other day on IRC. We got and as potential other domains. Do you have a preference? Probably best of all would be if this were something like a public utility. We’re not quite there yet, we’re still a tiny company 🙂 But it should obviously (to me) be moved in the direction of neutrality and trust, which would include open sourcing. Thanks for your comment.

  • nice work done well cloud is a oppertuity to make more information accessible.

  • the most important factor is to make cloud storage more secure.