FluidDB enters alpha

May 24th, 2010 by Terry Jones. Filed under Programming, Progress.

We’re using the Techcrunch Disrupt event to launch FluidDB into a real alpha. Until today we’ve only let a small number of people in to play with the API, and we’ve been giving away API passwords by hand. As of today, we’re taking the brakes off a little, allowing anyone to sign up and begin using the FluidDB API. Of course to do that it will help enormously if you’re a programmer 🙂

Although FluidDB has been up and running for 9 months, we’re being careful not to raise expectations too quickly. So for now we’re still labeling it an “alpha”. We have concrete plans for what will constitute a beta—these are mainly to do with speed and with adding flexibility to the API to reduce the number of calls apps have to make—and plan to be in beta by the end of 2010. Now that we have our funding cleared up, and can hire more developers, you can expect FluidDB development to ramp up quickly.

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