Marc Hedlund joins the Fluidinfo board

February 9th, 2011 by Terry Jones. Filed under Awesomeness, Essence, Happiness, Progress.

We’re really happy to announce that Marc Hedlund has joined the Fluidinfo board!

I’ve gotten to know Marc slowly over the last 10 years. We first met very briefly when he was CEO of the Popular Power, a San Francisco start-up. Nelson Minar (Marc’s co-founder) and Derek Smith, two of my close friends who are very close to Marc, were both working there. Nelson and Derek, as well as several others including Fluidinfo investor and advisor Tim O’Reilly have sky-high opinions of Marc. Hearing regular off-the-charts superlatives about Marc over the years always kept me interested to someday know him better.

Marc was present at my first ever (abysmal!) solo VC pitch for Fluidinfo, to the ill-fated Bryce Roberts and Mark Jacobson of OATV in early 2007. During the presentation, Marc interrupted to ask if he could take a photo of my slide titled “Revenue”. I think he wanted it as an example of how not to pitch a VC. I’ve never forgotten. He snapped the pic, resumed his seat, and told me to carry on 🙂

Marc has a ton of experience. He founded and led Lucas Online, the internet subsidiary of Lucasfilm, was director of engineering at Organic Online, and was also CTO at Webstorm. After Popular Power he was VP of Engineering at Sana Security, and then Entrepreneur in Residence at OATV, gaining intimate knowledge of the world of venture capital and interacting with hundreds of start-up companies. Marc then co-founded Wesabe where he was Chief Product Officer before becoming CEO. These days he’s Chief Product Office at Daylife in New York.

As you can probably imagine, we’re honored and excited to have Marc involved at Fluidinfo.