See O’Reilly book, author & Radar content in context as you browse

April 30th, 2012 by Terry Jones. Filed under Howto, Progress.

This video shows how the Fluidinfo Chrome extension displays relevant content, in context, while you browse:

We’ve added information to Fluidinfo for all the tags O’Reilly Radar have used on their articles since 2005. For example, nine articles were tagged with “patent reform”. Select those words anywhere you run into them on the web and a pop-up will show you links to the Radar posts. Content on almost 4000 topics that have been discussed on Radar is now just a click away. Because pop-ups are triggered when you select text, they are only displayed when and where relevant.

As you’ll see in the video, we’ve also added information about all O’Reilly books and authors.

To make things easier for first-timers, if you simply install the extension you’ll see all the O’Reilly content with no need to configure anything. You can log in and adjust things later if you like it and want to customize what you see. Give it a whirl—it’s fun and interesting.