August 9th, 2012 by Terry Jones. Filed under Product.

We’ve just launched, an application based on Fluidinfo. takes your mentions of hashtags and URLs from Twitter, Disqus, and Tumblr, and brings them together. has a page for every hashtag and URL mentioned by its users. Go check out these examples: #olympics, #xkcd, #NYC. The dashboard shows you what’s trending in your social network, or across as a whole, by showing you the top 10 hashtags and URLs. Go see what your friends are talking about. You can also see what’s trending for other users, e.g. @edyson, @timoreilly.

All you need to do is sign in to with Twitter. You can also link your Tumblr and Disqus accounts during sign-up. Everytime you mention a URL or hashtag in Twitter, Tumblr, or Disqus, it will appear in Of course, you can also comment on anything using directly.

There are also browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari so that you can see and add comments as you browse the web. Want to read something later? Simply put a #readlater tag in a comment on the web page using the extension. The browser extensions will be the subject of another blog post soon. We hope you love too!