More libraries and proto-apps, a tracker and a sandbox

August 22nd, 2009 by Terry Jones. Filed under Progress.

sandboxIt’s been another long day with a ton of progress.

First off, several more client side libraries were published. We’re now up to seven, written in just 4 days. Today’s additions were .Net and Java. You can see the full list here. These are being produced extremely quickly by a group of people hanging out on IRC.

There are several more projects in the offing. There’s the beginnings of a PHP FluidDB browser by @paparent (sounds like, for those in the know). There’s a very clean and API-faithful Python library coming together from Ali Afshar (here‘s a snippet, putting blood sugar levels onto objects). Nicholas Radcliffe built out his additions to Seo Sanghyeon‘s library to make a set of command-line tools for talking to FluidDB, and then used them to import his 1500+ Delicious tags into FluidDB.

There’s a ton going on, with the #fluiddb channel on IRC. In fact there’s so much going on that we can barely keep up with it. That’s why I’m blogging this at 5am, after about 16 hours of intense FluidDB work. Ross Jones said “Not only has FluidDB got me writing open source code, it is making me blog too – unheard of 🙂 ” and wrote of FluidDB: “I’ve also heard it called Delicious on steroids, both are pretty accurate.”

We fixed a few FluidDB issues today. We also set up a public bug tracker at And we’ve just set up a sandbox instance of FluidDB at for programmers to fool around in without fear of error. The sandbox is running the latest patches, and these are being confirmed as working by people on #fluiddb. We have about half a dozen more tickets we’d like to close before pushing the changes into the main instance.

We’ve also started to work on a little app of our own, which should offer some pretty nice functionality to enhance one of our favorite web sites… More on that later 🙂

Finally, another €10K was sent to the Fluidinfo bank account today by a couple of friends on Twitter, on top of €7K yesterday from a neighbor here. This is really a grassroots effort, in many ways.