FluidDB Weekend of Code

September 17th, 2009 by Terry Jones. Filed under Events, Programming.

Image: gui.tavares

Image: gui.tavares

Based extremely loosely on Google’s Summer of Code program, we’re pleased to announce the FluidDB Weekend of Code offer. Here’s the deal.

You have a go at writing a client-side library for the FluidDB HTTP API in a programming language for which no library currently exists (here’s the current list). We send you a new copy of the book of your choice for that language, plus a large pizza to keep you going. You release your code as open source, and we link to it & put your name up in lights on the libraries page.

So if you’d like to play around with a new programming language and want a fun project to tackle, why not have a go? There’s no formal commitment, and no strings attached. We’ll send you a book to help, and you get to keep it no matter what.

For example, there’s no Scala library yet. We’d love to have one, and would be delighted to send you a copy of the new Programming Scala book from O’Reilly. Or a copy of Erlang Programming, or maybe Real World Haskell takes your fancy. Or, write a library in Javascript, or C, etc. If there’s a book that can help you (even to learn some entirely other language), we’ll ship it. We’ll also be happy to help you if you join us in the #fluiddb channel on irc.freenode.net or sign up for the FluidDB-users mailing list.

Sound like fun? Send mail to info at fluidinfo com. We’ll probably just send one book per language, so please understand if we’ve already got someone working on your first choice. And if you already wrote a library, well thanks 🙂 (seriously, feel free to ask for a book too; it’d be a pleasure).