Interview on writable book APIs & publishing at O’Reilly TOC

February 15th, 2011 by Terry Jones. Filed under Events.

Below is an interview I did yesterday with Mac Slocum at the O’Reilly TOC conference in New York. We discuss writable book APIs and why they matter, as well as talking about what that might mean for publishers, readers, and the publishing process in general. (You can also see the interview on YouTube.)

Watch live streaming video from oreillyconfs at
  • With the right kind of API integrations, I can forsee people “checking in” to a book on Gowalla or 4sq, to say what page you’re on. What a fantastic idea, Terry!

  • Mac & terry, thanks for putting this together. It was very helpful to hear Terry’s description of what FuluidInfo might mean for publishers and readers. I especially found the duscussion of the future of the book very interesting. #transmedia #longtail