Fluidinfo named as Tim O’Reilly’s favorite startup

March 15th, 2011 by Terry Jones. Filed under Awesomeness, Events, People.

Image credit: The Guardian

Tim O’Reilly was interviewed by Jason Calacanis on stage on the opening day of SXSW last week. Jason asked Tim to name his favorite start-up and Tim nominated Fluidinfo! Thanks Tim 🙂

You can read excerpts from the interview in A SXSW fireside chat with Tim O’Reilly and Jason Calacanis on the TechChi blog:

O’Reilly’s favorite startup is Terry Jones’ Fluidinfo “because I’m not sure it’s going to work. He’s got his teeth into something that is bigger than he is. He may be overwhelmed and he may not get it,” O’Reilly said.” That passion it’s kind of like the Wright Brothers that wanted to fly or Thomas Edison and the light bulb… It’s not the entrepreneur chasing the million bucks, it’s the entrepreneur chasing the big idea.”

The interview was also picked up in a Business Insider article: Tim O’Reilly’s Favorite Startup.

  • Here is a similar story

    In the kickoff session of SXSW, Jason Calcanis of Mahalo interviewed Tim O’Reilly of tech book publishing fame. According to the program, Calcanis hoped to uncover “the secrets of Tim’s success, and how year-after-year, and decade-after-decade, he remains relevant and engaged.”

    When Calcanis asked O’Reilly if he had a favorite startup, O’Reilly named Fluidinfo. This shouldn’t be too big a surprise – O’Reilly is on Fluidinfo’s advisory board.