Open sourcing Tickery

July 20th, 2010 by Terry Jones. Filed under Programming.

TickeryToday we’re excited to announce that we’ve open sourced Tickery under the Apache License. You can download the source from the Fluidinfo repository on Github. If you’re not familiar with Tickery, you can go play with it and also read our two blog posts, Meet Tickery and Tickery, for programmers.

We’ve open sourced Tickery in order to show other developers the insides of a non-trivial application that uses FluidDB. Tickery was written over a three month period (November 2009 to January 2010), and much of it was done at a fairly fast pace. While the code could be cleaner and better documented, it’s not bad. We’re of course interested to help people understand the code, so please feel free to join the FluidDB users mailing list, or join us in #fluiddb on Naturally we’ll be happy and interested to receive improvements or patches, and you can of course run your own instance of Tickery.

Tickery is written entirely in Python, and was built using a number of other open-source tools, including Twisted, Pyjamas, txFluidDB, txRDQ, txJSON-RPC, and Ply. Thanks to all those projects for their openness and support.

We also had the benefit of lots of help from Luke Leighton and the other Pyjamas developers – thanks!